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One Designer handbag is a great addition to any woman's wardrobe or closet items.louis vuitton speedy , It is not unusual to see many women having many handbags but also *** an investment in designer bags.moncler outlet , One thing to respect about these bags is the fact that they do not come cheap and before *** that investment one must consider or ponder on a few things

It is definitely a very tasteful move to be seen with a designer handbag and this is definitely important to most women.botas ugg , This is because these bags bring out the necessary class that many women crave for.louis vuitton , It definitely adds to one's level of respect when one spots a designer bag when *** an appearance either at a function or dinner event

Looking at what needs to be considered before buying.


One of the questions to ask oneself is, why are you buying the handbag? Is it an investment that is worth *** and what are your priorities? True, even with women who are not celebrities or those who do not earn a lot of money crave to have a wardrobe item that makes a statement but nevertheless, in these economic times, one needs to ensure that a purchase makes sense.

Gauging designers.

Many different designers now grace the pages of magazines and walk the halls of the fashion world. One need not look far, just peruse the pages of a fashion magazine such as Vogue or Vanity Fair and there one will meet the faces and designs of some of the best designers around. These make everything from shirts, blouses, shoes, pants, underwear, bags and even coats and jackets. Because of the brand name of the particular designer embalmed on the bag, these can cost significantly more than regular bags.

Wearing a designer bag

It is essential that you determine exactly where you will be wearing designer bags. This is because they are expensive and tend to draw attention. Places like subway train stations, bad neighborhoods and other seedy places should be avoided to minimize the risk of crime. Many women carry designer bags to important events like weddings, dinner events, and gatherings where there are important people.

Examine your pockets

We mentioned that designer bags can be rather costly and in these tough economic times, it is important to determine how much one is willing to spend. There are ways to find the best deals. One way is to research online and another way is to read popular fashion magazines.


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