It genuinely assists


It genuinely assists

帖子  xiaofeifei 于 周三 八月 17, 2011 10:18 am

Even human-like or animal-like figures can be made and move quiet convincingly without internal framing. It is usually cheap but it must be kept covered as it will dry out quickly.
Also the art of stop motion with clay blobs of abstract or non human-like figures or animal characters can be very amusing. Claymation with ?No Armature?
Clay with an Armature ?Is it required to make a 3d Stop Motion Animation? Some really good stop motion animation with clay can be made without using any armature (internal skeleton).
The answer is no. The only thing that limits a good stop motion animation is your imagination. A definition of Stop Motion armature :
So get out there and run your favourite stop motion animation software package and let you imagination run wild. Armature in stop motion animation is a skeletal type frame used to give support or rigidity to clay or other malleable material.?


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